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Design Consultation


One Hour / $150

A chance to pick a designer’s brain! Bring a bucket list of smaller questions or one larger design problem that’s been nagging you – whatever design dilemma will fit in the space of an hour is fair game. Maybe you are a DIYer who wants insight into sources for materials, or someone with a vision for a space, but uncertainty about how to make it all come together. This is your chance to tap into our knowledge and expertise without going all in. Possible topics include lighting, color choices, window treatments, furniture placement, making use of what you have in new ways, best sources for new materials, etc.


This hour is intensive and we ask that you come to it with your questions already prepared so that we can give you as much assistance as possible.

If you find yourself needing more help, we offer continuing design services at $150 an hour, as well as packages to address your more specific needs.

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